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Our elite team of qualified teachers have been helping students maximize their academic potential and excel in their subjects at school. We have perfected a method of teaching that helps students achieve outstanding grades. Don’t believe us? Scroll below and discover the immediate difference a tutor can make.

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At The Tutor Lab, we ensure our tutors are only fully qualified teachers who are up to date with the national curriculum and specialists in their subjects.  

Adam (Main Tutor)


My name is Adam, I am a private tutor of 9 years' experience, with a BSc Chemistry degree from Kings College London. I am experienced with creating a nurturing, motivating, and stimulating learning environment for each and every one of my students.


The results my students achieve show my approach to teaching will help them overcome difficulties in their learning and achieve outstanding grades. My testimonials speak for themselves. Check out my qualifications and relevant work experience below, and get in touch to start unlocking your fullest potential.


Royal society of Chemistry scholarship (RSC)

The prestigious RSC scholarship is awarded to 120 people in the UK during their teaching career. I am 1 of 120 people who was awarded with this scholarship for demonstrating excellent teaching practice.

Post Graduate Certificate In Education (PGCE)

The PGCE is a teacher training qualification that allows you to become fully qualified and teach in the UK. I have completed my PGCE at Kings College London (KCL) in science and have obtained qualified teacher status (QTS). KCL are ranked the 7th best in the UK and are one of the most prestigious universities around the world.


I have a 1st class honours degree in Chemistry from Kings College London (KCL


I studied Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Psychology at A-level.


I achieved 12 A*- B's in my GCSE's 


Zakariya (Science Tutor)
- 11 GCSE x 8-9's
- A Level Biology Chemistry and Maths
- MOptom Optometry 

Umar (Maths Tutor)
- 9 GCSE x 7-9's
- A Level Maths and Further Maths
- MOptom Optometry 

Bilal (Science and Maths Tutor)
- 12 GCSE x 6-9's
- A Level Chemistry and Maths
- Bsc Chemistry (1st Class Honours)

maths tutor

Our students

Check out the outstanding grades our students achieve!

Biology (9), Chemistry (9), Physics (8), Maths (9)

'The Tutor Lab are brilliant in getting the grades and they know how to teach'


Studying Medicine and Queen Mary University


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During our lessons, students are provided with in-depth knowledge by subject specialists. Students apply their knowledge to exam style questions which helps build confidence and make learning effective. We ensure students are regularly assessed in each topic they are taught to monitor their progress.

Online tutoring 

An integrated whiteboard to screen recording - The Tutor Lab has it all.

Online tutoring is a form of teaching over the internet in real time. The tutor teaches the lesson just as they would in person using an online whiteboard. Students are able to write down detailed notes and attempt questions with the tutor using the screen share feature. This allows tutors to share their screen  to any device making it easy to collaborate and work together.

Our Students

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''Teaching is clear and concise''

''Going through exam questions is so useful''

'' I go through what I learn at school''

'' Lessons are helpful and easy to understand''

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